PPGEBB – Graduate Program in Bioprocess Engineering and Biotechnology

The Graduate Program in Bioprocess Engineering and Biotechnology (PPGEBB) is a CAPES Level 6 program, due to its excellence and internationalization. It was created in 1997, in the first School of Industrial Biotecnhology in Brazil. It forms Doctors and Masters through the Academic Masters and Doctorate programs, and also through the BIODEV-UNESCO International Masters Program, in cooperation with the university Aix Marseille. It also promotes a double (joint) Doctorate formation in partnership with the University Blaise Pascal, Clermon Férrand, France.

The programs aim to train high-level technical and managing professionals, with knowledge and skills that ensure an interdisciplinary and active participation in the activities of the industrial market of biotechnology. These professionals are specialized in the research and development of new products, developing studies in the areas of Agroindustry and Biofuels, Agri-Food Biotechnology, and Human and Animal Health.

Scholars and graduate students, distributed in the three areas of PPGEBB, develop projects focused on adding value to agricultural commodities produced in the state of Paraná and in Brazil, as well as processes that use the microbial biodiversity to develop products of high added value. These researchers also actuate in the development of diagnosis kits and vaccines.